New Patients

Appointment Times:

We highly recommend early morning appointment times for our patients under 5 years old. As parents, you know that children are usually at their best and brightest first thing in the morning. We want to ensure that your child’s visits to the pediatric dentist are always positive and having a well rested patient is a large contributor to that experience. Younger children typically tend to be fussier in the afternoon as they are tired from a long day or may not have napped properly. We are happy to provide an appointment documentation which serves as an excused school absence under California law.

As a courtesy, our office will confirm your appointment 48 hours in advance. If you need to change your appointment time, we ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance so that we can offer that appointment slot to another patient waiting for treatment. All our appointments are scheduled in respect of your time. We reserve each time slot specifically for your child according to age and needs and try to run on time with your participation to ensure the most pleasant and smooth appointment for you.

First Appointment by Age One:

The earlier you introduce your child to the pediatric dentist, the easier and more familiar your child will be at the dentist

Often, an infant or toddler’s first dental visit is simply a short icebreaker to establish the dentist’s office as a safe, friendly location. Taking the time to do this will make all your subsequent visits much less stressful.

Our expert staff knows just how nerve-wracking a first visit can be, especially if you’re a new parent and their first tooth was a bit of a surprise—so we’ll be there to walk you through every step.


Start by following these tips to help things go more smoothly:

  • Let your child know in advance that they are visiting the dentist and give them an idea about all the fun and exciting things that will happen at their first visit. Not only are you letting your child feel comfortable because they know what will be happening, you are also prepping them with a positive outlook
  • You can also introduce the dentist by bringing your kid to your next cleaning or checkup. If they see their mom or dad acting calm in the dentist’s chair, they’ll learn that there’s nothing to fear. Children often mirror their parents’ attitudes and behaviors.
  • Ask the staff if your child can walk back and quickly take a look around the office. Let them feel involved in the tour and explain what they’re seeing to reassure them that this new environment isn’t scary at all.
  • Be careful not to use words like ‘shot,’ ‘scary’, and ‘ouch’ when speaking to your child about the dentist. These words can prime your child to be anxious and tense.
  • Breathe and relax! Dr. Sheu and her staff will make your child feel at ease!

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