Diamond Bar is such a residential neighborhood that families can sometimes struggle to figure out what activities to do in the area! Driving for 20 – 40 minutes just to have some fun seems like a waste of time, but it can be hard to keep children entertained locally. To give the parents and kids in Diamond Bar a little inspiration, we’ve created a list of 25 kid-friendly activities in Diamond Bar. Let’s get started! 

1. Play basketball at Pantera Park

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738 Pantera Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Take your kids out to Pantera Park to shoot some hoops! Not only will you get to bond with your kids, they’ll also practice their hand eye coordination. And who knows? They could be the next Lebron James or Jeremy Lin!

2. Go swimming at Maple Hills YMCA

1673 Maple Hill Rd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Kick, kick, kick! Swimming is the ultimate workout because it works every part of your body. It’s also an invaluable skill for kids to learn, so they can visit beaches and lakes without being afraid. 

3. Perfect your tennis skills at Ronald Reagan Park

2201 Peaceful Hills Rd, Diamond Bar, CA 91789

Located on Peaceful Hills Drive in Diamond Bar, Ronald Reagan park has picnic tables with barbecues, a small playground, and well-kept tennis courts. Bring your tennis racket and visor for an awesome time with the community.

4. Read a book at Diamond Bar Library

21800 Copley Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Libraries are the original coworking space and daycare. Best part? They’re totally free. Take your kids to the Diamond Bar Library to borrow books, use computers, listen to storytime, and participate in fun community events. 

5. Watch a movie at Cinema 8

5546 Philadelphia St, Chino, CA 91710

Stuff some snacks into your jacket and head to Cinema 8 to get immersed in another world! Technically, Cinema 8 is located in Chino Hills, but it’s barely a 10 minute drive, which is why we think it’s totally worth going. 

6. Go out for KBBQ

Born BBQ: 22640 Golden Springs Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

BBQ Stop: 20627 Golden Springs Dr #3A/B, Diamond Bar, CA 91789

One thing Diamond Bar is well known for is its delicious food! KBBQ, in particular, is a fun way to get the family involved in the cooking process because it’s a shared experience in a meal. There are a couple of places to get KBBQ in Diamond Bar, such as Born KBBQ and BBQ Stop.

7. Have a grocery shopping scavenger hunt 

H-mart: 2825 S Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

International India Bazaar: 23367 E Golden Springs Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. One way to spice things up (literally) is to shop at a specialty international store. Take your kids along to H-mart Diamond Bar or International India Bazaar to help them find new, interesting ingredients for your household. Make a list of each child, so they can race to find the items you need. Not only will they practice reading, but they will also learn to appreciate new cultures as well. 

8. Play at Bumblebee Place Children’s Playground

21076 Golden Springs Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91789

Many new families with young children move to Diamond Bar because it is a safe, clean, residential place. It also has lots of cute children’s playgrounds, like Bumblebee! The indoor play space includes kid-friendly trampolines, rock climbing, racking horses, toys, slides, and more. Even babies and toddlers can play!

9. Play softball at Sycamore Canyon Park

22930 Golden Springs Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Invite your child and their friends to Sycamore Canyon Park for some friendly team sports. The park has an expansive baseball field that can be used for a number of games, such as softball, basketball, Wiffle ball, T-ball, and kickball. Just make sure that everyone is properly protected with helmets and mouthguards, so they don’t get hurt!

10. Go on a picnic at Heritage Park 

2900 S Brea Canyon Rd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

California is sunny 90% of the year, so take advantage of that! Pack a basket of sandwiches and snacks for your kids to eat at the park. We like Heritage because of its beautiful grassy fields, shady trees, and clean bathrooms. 

11. Hike Steep Canyon Trail

902 Steep Canyon Rd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Exercise is an excellent way to get closer to people, including your family! Taking your child on a hike allows you to expose them to nature and teach them about how to treat wildlife appropriately. 

12. Throw a party at Chuck E. Cheese

1900 S Brea Canyon Rd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Nobody is ever too old to have fun at Chuck E. Cheese. No, you might not be able to get on all the kiddie rides with your children, but you can certainly play air hockey or skee ball with them. Chuck E. Cheese is like Vegas for kids, so save this event for special occasions! 

13. Plant flowers and vegetables at Diamond Bar Community Garden

2335 S. Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

There have been many new conversations about organic and natural food in parenting communities. Jump on this trend by showing your kids how to plant their own flowers, fruits, and vegetables at the Diamond Bar Community Garden. It’ll be super satisfying for them to literally reap the fruits of their labor!

14. Strut your stuff at iDance and Fitness

2753 S Diamond Bar Blvd A, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Typical rigid, rules-oriented sports like running and soccer might not be for every child. Sign the family up for a dance class at iDance and Fitness, so your children can get their physical activity in a creative, expressive way. The dance studio provides classes for every genre out there, even K-pop!  

15. Golf at Diamond Bar Golf Course

22751 Golden Springs Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Don’t pay for after school tutoring – golf is what’s really going to get your children ready for that high-level executive job in the future! All jokes aside, we highly recommend taking advantage of the beautiful green golf courses in Diamond Bar. It’s not just a dad sport! 

16. Bike around your neighborhood

One of the nice things about living in a mostly residential area like Diamond Bar is how safe it is. As long as everyone wears a helmet, kids can easily go biking outside without their parents worrying too much. 

17. Play board games with the elderly a senior center

Get in touch with your philanthropic side and give back to the community! Stop by the senior center to find ways for you and your family to volunteer. It can get lonely at retirement homes, so bring some cards or a board game. Your children may end up having a great time and learning some fascinating stories! 

18. Sightsee at the Don Gaspar Portola Monument

S Brea Canyon Rd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

This little monument may not seem like much, but the story behind it is. This historical landmark honors the late Don Gaspar Portola. He was a Spanish artist who actually found and explored San Francisco Bay! 

19. Attend a production at Diamond Bar High School

21400 Pathfinder Rd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Diamond Bar High School’s drama department is always putting on interesting plays and musicals. Support the local high school that your kids are/might be attending by watching! 

20. Paint a Portrait at Fibo Kids Art Academy

1155 S Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Support your budding artist by signing them up for a class at Fibo Kids Art Academy. While parents are at Paint Nite, sipping on wine, kids can make their own masterpieces here, sipping on juice! 

21. Play ping pong at the Diamond Bar Table Tennis Club

22900 Hilton Head Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

If you want your child to be a ping pong champion, you’ll need to get them started early! Ping pong is a fun sport that even kids can join in on. The Diamond Bar Table Tennis Club also hosts social events where everyone is invited to participate. 

22. Cook and bake together

When your children grow up and move out, they’ll thank you for teaching them to cook healthy, tooth-friendly food for themselves. They won’t have to rely on instant ramen and microwave meals (for the most part… it’s college after all) because they’ll know how to whip up enchiladas or lasagna! You can cook at home or you can sign up for some fun Diamond Bar classes via Groupon. 

23. Get your nails done together

Nails Plaza: 862 N Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Pure Bliss Nails & Beauty Bar: 1155 S Diamond Bar Blvd Unit I, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Luxury Nail Spa: 303 S Diamond Bar Blvd # C, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Whether you’re having a mother-daughter date or inviting the whole family, know that everyone loves getting pampered at the salon. It’s just nice to be treated like royalty, no matter what gender you are! The salons and spas in Diamond Bar do a great job making your nails look incredible and making you feel like a thousand bucks. We’ve only included a couple of spots above, but feel free to explore the other options in the area. 

24. Skate your troubles away at Carlton Peterson Park

24142 E Sylvan Glen Rd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

If your child likes to roller skate or skateboard, plan a trip to Carlton Peterson Park! It has one of the few skate parks in the area where children can practice their tricks safely. 

25. Visit your pediatric dentist

1850 S Azusa Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

Okay, this might not be exactly what your kids have in mind, but it is kid-friendly. It’s in the name! Make an event out of visiting the pediatric dentist by getting your child excited about seeing the kid’s dentist in Diamond Bar. Show them books and movies about teeth and take them out somewhere special afterward. 

We hope this gave you a few ideas about how to have fun with your kids in Diamond Bar! Hacienda Pediatric Dentistry provides dental services to patients in Walnut, Diamond Bar, Hacienda Heights, and Whittier. We love seeing our patients having fun and we try to make our office exciting as well! Give us a call if you’d like to book an appointment today.