Anyone who lives in Walnut, California knows that it’s one of the best places to live in the world. We have some of the top public-school systems, lowest crime rates in the San Gabriel Valley, and of course great weather and beautiful views. But did you know that we have five historical sites in the city? If you haven’t been to them yet, consider taking your family on a few educational trips!

Bob Quattlebaum Windmill

Located in Suzanne Park (another historical site), this metal windmill was donated to the city by the Quattlebaum family in memory of their father, Bob Quattlebaum. It was originally located on the family’s property on Kelso Road until it was moved to the park. Windmills are always amazing to see up close and in person—and this one has a big history to match!

Suzanne Park

Built on what used to be an orange grove, this park was the first one developed after the city was incorporated in 1959. It was built by residents and includes the Bob Quattlebaum Windmill. Located on Suzanne Road, it includes 4 softball fields, an equestrian area, walking trails and a playground. It’s a great place to spend the day with family and friends—there are even 2 snack bars, 16 picnic tables, and 6 barbecue grills. It’s also the location of the annual 4th of July fireworks in Walnut. If you haven’t been here, we highly recommend you spend a day there!

The W.R. Rowland Adobe Ranch House

This historical ranch house was built by Sheriff William R. Rowland for the foreman of his cattle Ranch in 1883. It’s located in Lemon Creek Park and has thick walls, heavy wide doors, a wood shingled roof and dirt floors. It is one of the only remaining redwood structures in the area and the oldest building in the City. The house is fully furnished and was recently restored and reopened in June of 2018, so it’s worth a visit.

Carrey Home

Located on Carrey Road, this is the historical home of the Carrey family who played a large part in the development of the City of Walnut. It was officially deemed a historical landmark in October of 1975. Pierre Carry used the money he earned from working on a walnut ranch to buy the land that is now Walnut High School. Pierre’s grandson, Robert Carrey, was one of the first City Council members. Robert held some of these meetings in the garage of the house and even helped build the first City Hall!

WildLife Sanctuary, Mt. SAC

Established in 1964 to protect Walnut’s natural habitat, this sanctuary is 10 acres large and includes a pond, swamp, stream and lake in addition to natural foliage and animals. It is located on N. Grand Avenue and is maintained by the Biological Sciences faculty and students. There is also a 25-seat amphitheater in the sanctuary where Biology classes and lectures occur. The sanctuary is a space for education and maintaining a habitat for the wild plants and animals that inhabit the San Gabriel Valley. Visit this outdoor laboratory for a fun and hands-on learning experience of the natural area in Walnut!

We have a lot to be proud of in our city, so be sure to check out these historical areas with your family to get the full benefit of our culture!