Summer is quickly approaching here in Walnut, CA! As the days get longer, you’ll probably want to enjoy some delicious summer treats with your family! Of course, as pediatric dentists, we always encourage our patients to limit their sugar intake. However, we understand that a treat every once in a while is perfectly fine. Moderation is the key! If you’re going to enjoy a refreshing summer treat with your family, we recommend opting for ice cream or frozen yogurt! These desserts contain protein and calcium from the dairy, and yogurt even contains probiotics! Here are a few popular ice cream and frozen yogurt places here in Walnut!


Yogurtland is a classic favorite chain of yogurt shops with a location right here in Walnut! Their stores are self serve, meaning you get to mix all the flavors you want! You decide how much you want to eat, and can pile on the toppings too! This is a great family option because parents can serve their young children smaller portions, and there are lots of flavors to choose from.

Chelo Creamery

Chelo Creamery serves several unique, delicious flavors of gelato, italian ice, and shaved snow! Shaved snow is a delicious specialty blend between creamy gelato and shaved ice, and has the consistency of light, freshly fallen snow. Yum! Remember, the health benefits of calcium won’t be found in treats like italian ice, but the variety of options is great for families with picky eaters or dietary restrictions.

Polar Puff Homemade Ice Cream

Polar Puff Homemade Ice Cream serves ice cream, dairy-free ice cream, french custard, and sorbet.  Their treats are all made in small batched, with fresh ingredients like real fruit. They have plenty of delicious treats to choose from, so there should be something for everyone!​ Some dairy-free ice creams may still contain calcium and protein from their non-dairy base. If you (or your child) are lactose intolerant, ask your server about your options!

Nature’s Juice

If you’re looking for something a little more on the healthy side, try Nature’s Juice! In addition to delicious and healthy juices and smoothie, they also have pitaya and acai bowls! These treats still contain a lot of sugar from the fruit and sweeteners, but come with the added bonus of nutrient boosts and fresh fruit! Some of their smoothie contain sherbet or sorbet, so you’ll still be getting your ice cream fix.

Remember, even if your frozen treats contain fruits and nutrient boosts or other natural ingredients, they also contain a lot of sugar. It is best to consume these treats rarely and in moderation, but it is perfectly acceptable to treat yourself and your family every once in a while. Just promise us you’ll brush and floss your teeth after to avoid cavities! If you’re ready to schedule your child’s next pediatric dental appointment, give us a call today.