Snack time is a fun and exciting time for little ones. Every child loves a good snack! There are so many choices for snacks out there that you can give to your children. However, it is important to choose healthy snacks that help promote good health and oral hygiene. Constant intake of high sugar drinks and foods can lead to cavities and compromised oral health. 

Certain foods promote the formation of bacteria in the mouth, such as sugary foods and starchy foods. Sticky foods and drinks with a high acid level can erode your tooth enamel, which can lead to tooth decay. Snack time can be so much more than just a bag of chips and a can of soda. It can be a colorful rainbow of veggies and fruits that are good for your body and teeth!

Foods that fight plaque

Some foods can lead to plaque build-up and tooth decay if you’re not careful. Food such as cakes, soft drinks, candy, milk, chips, bread, and pasta must be eaten in moderation. Other foods that contain carbohydrates like sugars and starches can also lead to plaque when they are left on your teeth for long periods. 

Leafy greens that are rich in calcium, folic acid, and vitamins and minerals can help fight against plaque. Consuming foods like apples and celery are very beneficial in helping fight plaque. Lastly, chewing crunchy and high fiber fruits and vegetables actually can scrub away the plaque from teeth!

Foods you can eat with braces

Picking snacks when your children have braces can be tricky. Certain foods cannot be consumed in fear that the brackets will get damaged. Stay away from foods that are chewy like taffy, gummies, and caramel. When these chewy foods get stuck in braces for long periods, they can dissolve the tooth enamel around the braces. 

Instead, choose snacks that are softer, so braces do not get damaged. Soft cheeses, beans, hard-boiled eggs, squash, and potato salad, are all super soft foods that are easy to consume. You do not have to only eat soft foods with braces though, you can eat all kinds of fruits and veggies and even smoothies!

Foods for your enamel 

Enamel is extremely important to take care of, once it’s gone, you cannot get it back. This is why it is so important to stay away from foods that can harm your enamel. Consuming citrus fruits that are highly acidic like grapefruit and lemon can erode your child’s tooth enamel. Instead of harming enamel, focus on maintaining the enamel you already have! 

Food and drink with calcium help to build strong teeth and bones, which can help to maintain strong teeth enamel. Eat foods like cheese, yogurt, kale, peanut butter, bananas, avocado, and cucumbers. 

Remember, snack time can be delicious and healthy! Be sure to properly brush and floss your teeth after you eat to minimize damage and prevent cavities! We hope your children love these snack ideas. If you have any questions or are ready to make your next appointment, feel free to contact Hacienda Pediatric Dentistry today!