Healthy teeth and good oral hygiene are only a part of maintaining good overall health. It is important for children to not only eat healthy and brush their teeth but also to exercise. Exercise comes in many different forms. Children can simply get exercise from playing outside for at least thirty minutes a day. As children grow, their exercise needs an increase. A typical school-age child needs about sixty minutes of exercise a day. 

There are plenty of ways your children can get the exercise they need here in Hacienda Heights! They can go to a park, take a family walk, or play outside. If they are really interested, they can even join a sport! There are a few clubs in Hacienda Heights where your child can discover a love for exercise and recreational sports. 

Hacienda Heights Little League

Playing baseball is a fun way to keep kids fit and healthy. While playing, children are able to increase their endurance and stamina as well as build their coordination and muscle strength. Baseball and softball are amazing for your child to learn hand-eye and feet-eye coordination. While they run the bases or chase after a ball, cardiovascular exercise helps increase their metabolism. 

Fall is about to start, so this means fall ball registration will be starting. The little league offers baseball and softball to boys and girls ages 4-14 years old. Check out the website for more information!

St Mark’s Basketball League

Just like baseball, basketball is another amazing and fun way to keep kids fit and healthy. Learning basketball at a young age helps improve gross motor skills by using major muscle groups. Children can benefit from hand-eye coordination skills, flexibility, and endurance. 

The season started August 10th, so there could still be time to join a team! The season runs August 10th until October 19th and then playoffs take place. There are four different co-ed divisions for kids 8-13 years old. Check out the website for more information or if you have any questions. 

AYSO Region 23

Soccer is another great recreational sport that will help your child maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Playing soccer improves cardiovascular health, increases coordination, and improves strength and flexibility. Children can also benefit from foot-eye coordination skills. 

Registration for spring opens in January, so if you are interested in signing your child up, make sure to set a reminder. The teams are all co-ed and are broken up by ages ranging from 5- 14 years old. Feel free to check out the AYSO website if you need more information. 

If your child plays a sport, it could be beneficial to look into a mouthguard to help protect their teeth. Mouthguards help prevent chipped, broken, and knocked out teeth. If you have questions for us at Hacienda Pediatric Dentistry, give us a call! You can make an appointment online or over the phone as well. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!