Any pediatric dentist will tell you that sugar is definitely not the best choice for your child’s teeth or braces. Consuming too many sugary foods can cause some serious tooth damage, which leads to cavities and other dental concerns. Excessive amounts of sugar can also lead to other health problems, even in childhood.

However, we understand that it is not realistic to expect our young patients to never have dessert! If you’re going to treat yourself or your family, we recommend that you opt for ice cream or frozen yogurt. Dairy is an excellent source of calcium, which is great for building healthy teeth and bones. You can balance out some of the sugar in your dessert with a few health benefits like calcium and probiotics (found in frozen yogurt). Here are some of our favorite ice cream and frozen yogurt spots right here in Diamond Bar, CA!


This popular chain offers a TON of flavors and a long list of toppings to choose from. They even have seasonal rotating flavors, and offer their customers sample cups to taste their new flavors before they fill up their cups! Yogurtland is self serve, so you can get as many flavors and toppings as you want. This actually makes it a great choice for families with kids, as parents have more control over their child’s portion size.

Chelo Creamery

Chelo Creamery is another frozen dessert spot in the area that offers a lot of different options that are sure to please the whole family. In case you or your child is lactose intolerance, Chelo offers options like italian ice and shaved snow, This way you can still enjoy a special treat while the rest of your family eats their calcium-rich dessert. Chelo also offers gelato and frozen custard, with plenty of toppings to choose from. Bonus points – their desserts are Instagram worthy!

Polar Puff

Polar Puff Homemade Ice Cream serves an assortment of homemade ice creams including dairy free options, french custard, and sorbet made with real ingredients and fresh fruit. For something a little more gourmet and specialty, check this place out! They have specials almost every day of the week.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is another classic ice cream chain that everyone loves! We have one right here in Diamond Bar. With their famous 31 flavors, sundaes, and take-home treats, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. This is the perfect place to go for a classic ice cream cone.


Remember, you should only consume sugary foods in moderation. Be sure to properly brush and floss your teeth after your dessert to minimize the sugar damage and prevent cavities! What are some of your favorite spots to treat yourself in Diamond Bar? Tell us about them in the comments below!