With Halloween creeping up right around the corner, we are scrambling to make plans for the much-awaited holiday here at Hacienda Pediatric Dentistry. Halloween is a major event for our patients. Kids get to dress up, eat candy, and stay up late watching scary movies. What’s not to love? 

Since many of our patients are from the neighboring city of Whittier, we have created a tooth-friendly guide to Halloween in Whittier! Parents are often too busy decorating the house with cobwebs and planning apple-bobbing parties to go research dental tips on Halloween. That’s where we come in! As your Whittier pediatric dentists, we want to provide you and your family with the best resources to stay safe and healthy during this time of year. Keep reading to learn more! 

How to Look the Part

Get into character this Halloween by decorating your home and yourself with the appropriate Halloween garb! Whether you choose to be one of your childhood heroes or nightmares is up to you. Let the creativity flow by equipping yourself with all the necessary tools at these Halloween stores in Whittier. 

Oggi la disfunzione erettile è diventata molto più giovane, mi capita sempre più spesso di vedere uomini di 30-35 anni. In alcuni casi, un’adeguata terapia urologica o un intervento chirurgico aiutano a ripristinare la potenza. Tuttavia, se il problema non è legato all’urologia, consiglio il Viagra o i suoi analoghi (preparati a base di sildenafil) per ripristinare l’erezione.

Halloween Club

14153 Whittier Blvd, Ste 106, Whittier, CA 90603

Not all of us are into arts & crafts or DIY. That’s why Halloween Club exists! The store is stocked with tons of ready-to-wear costumes and fun decorations to keep the Halloween spirit alive and well in your home. Stop by before everything sells out! 

Discount Halloween

13400 Whittier Blvd, Whittier, CA 90605

For more budget-friendly options, families can stop by Discount Halloween! This place is located at the Quad in Whittier and it’s known for its awesome, affordable collection of Halloween-themed clothing, costumes, accessories, and trinkets. 

Whittier Pumpkin Patch

11760 Whittier Blvd, Whittier, CA 90601

What’s Halloween without a few hand-carved jack-o-lanterns? Whittier Pumpkin Patch is a family-friendly place to get all the pumpkins you need for some awesome decorations and yummy pumpkin pies. It’s a good idea to get familiar with this amazing local business because chances are, you’ll be back for the Christmas trees they sell in December! 

Best Tooth-Friendly Snacks

Before your child goes trick-or-treating, make sure they have dinner first! Going trick-or-treating on an empty stomach can make your child’s craving for sweets way more powerful once they get home, leading to a candy binge-fest that’s terrible for their teeth. By giving them a nutritious meal beforehand, they’ll be able to keep their appetite under control through the night. 

Eating snacks during a scary movie is a sacred tradition that makes the experience much more fun. When you’re so engaged in a movie, however, you can easily lose track of just how much food you’re consuming. To make the experience a little more tooth-friendly, we recommend making your own portion-controlled snacks at home. Popcorn can actually be pretty healthy if you don’t douse it in butter and salt! Other tasty, tooth-friendly snacks include dried fruit, cheese, multigrain crackers, rice cakes, and nuts. 

Fun, Freaky Events in Whittier

Halloween Capers

On Saturday, October 26th, head over to Greenleaf Ave for an all-age annual Halloween event hosted by the Uptown Whittier Association. The costume contest starts at 4 PM and the itinerary features fun interactive games and activities for every age group. 

AARP Halloween 

13201 Meyer Rd, Whittier, CA

For a fun night of dancing, eating, and games, stop by the AARP-sponsored Halloween event at Amelia Mayberry Park on Friday, October 25th. The event starts at 6 PM, so don’t be late! 

Angel City Fusion Costume Party

2650 Pacific Park Dr, Whittier, CA 90601

Calling all dancers! Angel City Fusion is hosting LA’s biggest dance event on October 19th at the Snowglobe Perspective. Come show off your dance skills or simply sit by and watch as dancers put on a show in their gorgeous costumes all night. 

Trick-or-Treat at Whittier Museum

6755 Newlin Ave, Whittier, CA

If your kids have hit all the best neighborhoods for candy already, stop by the Whittier Museum to finish off their night with a bang! The Whittier Historical Society has decorated the stunning museum into a spooky mansion with hidden figures throughout. The event is free and it starts at 5 PM on October 31st. Don’t miss out! 

Pumpkin Bash

16153 Russell St, Whittier, California 90603

Redemption Hill Church is hosting its annual Pumpkin Bash this October 31st. The night will be filled with lots of family-friendly fun. You and your family can participate in different games, competitions, trick-or-treating, and more! 

Costume Parade and Storytime

6934 Broadway Ave, Whittier, CA 90606

Got some books you need to return? Stop by the Sorenson library in Whittier on Tuesday, October 29th for a fun costume parade and storytime at 2 PM. Kids between ages 5 and 11 are welcome to dress up in costumes and sit in for a spooky Halloween story. There will also be treat stations located throughout the library for children to trick-or-treat!

Whether you want to perform a seance or go on a hayride this Halloween, we’re here to help! After Halloween is also a great time to see the pediatric dentist as well. Our doctors can give your children a checkup to make sure all their treats didn’t do too much damage and ensure they’re ready for the holidays. Give us a call at Hacienda Pediatric Dentistry to book an appointment any time. We’re located just fifteen minutes from Whittier!